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Uncommon Food Fugu Fish | The Poisonous Japanese Puffer Fish

Uncommon Food  Fugu Fish | The Poisonous Japanese Puffer Fish Fugu is a poisonous pufferfish which is eaten in many parts of the world especially in Japan.It is very poisonous because of the presence of tetrodotoxin in its organs. To make the recipes fron Fugu special training is given to the chefs,after completing the training licence is also provided to them.Only restaurants and chefs with valid licences are only authorised to make dishes of Fugu fish. How does Fugu Kill you ? The poison which is present in inner organs like intestine,ovaries,liver and skin of fish is sodium channel blocker and on consuming the poisonous parts the body can be paralysed and can lead to death. How poisonous is Fugu    Fish ? The poison of Fugu Fish is 1200 times stronger than cyanide and it is enough to kill 35 persons at a time. Popular ways to eat Fugu   1.    Fugu can be eaten raw. 2.     Fugu can be eaten by simmering Fugu meat and skin with vegetables. 3.     Fugu meat can be fried or grilled. 4. 

Uncommon Foods from around the world | Haggis | National dish of Scotland

 Uncommon Foods from around the world | Haggis | National dish of Scotland What exactly is Haggis ? Haggis is national dish of Scotland.Is is a pudding that contains sheep's heart,liver and lungs minced with onion,oatmeal,spices,suet and salt,mixed with stock and cooked in animal's stomach. What does it taste like ? Haggis has oaty texture and peppery flavour. Interesting facts about haggis . 1.To prepare haggis sheep's heart,liver and lungs are boiled in animal's stomach. 2.Haggis was immortalized by Scotland's national poet named as "Robert Burn" in his poem " Address to the Haggis". 3.Haggis has been banned in United States because of the inclusion of sheep's lungs in the dish. 4.Haggis are eaten with mashed turnips and potatoes. 5.The first vegan haggis was launched in 1984. 6.England,Ireland,France , Spain and Hong Kong are highest consumer of Haggis. 7.World's largest haggis was made by Hall's of Scotland in 1984. 8.Early receip