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Street Food India | भारतीय व्यँजन |

 Street Food India | भारतीय व्यँजन CHILLI PANEER | मिर्च पनीर CHOLE | छोले चाट |CHAAT सोया चाप |SOYA CHAAP Video by  Nathan Okuley  from  Pexels CHICKEN WINGS अन्य पढ़ें  लोग एक पक्षी के घोंसले तक खा जाते हैं   |  पेड़ पर पाया जाने वाला एक कीड़ा जिसे लोग खाते हैं |  माँसाहारी खीरा |  लोग मेंढक को भी खाने से नहीं छोड़ते |  लोग बत्तख़ का कलेजा भी खा जाते हैं |  डोमिनोज़ पिज़्ज़ा के बारे में रोचक जानकारी |  दुनिया के सबसे महंगे मशरूम |  केसर इतना महंगा क्यूँ | 

Matsutake Mushrooms | Expensive food item

 Matsutake Mushrooms | Expensive food item   Matsutake is rare,wild,edible and highly sought species of mushroom that grows in Asia,Europe and North America. Matsutake means Pine Mushroom in Japanese. Recognisation 1.     Matsutake Mushrooms grows in the roots of pine trees. 2.     Matsutake Mushrooms have convex caps ,which are 2 to 8 inches in diameter. 3.     Matsutake Mushrooms have 2 to 6 inches stem ,which is firm and never hollow. 4.     Matsutake Mushrooms are pure white and smooth in the begining and then after same time they develope brown spots and scales. 5.     The scent of Matsutake Mushroom is both spicy , fruity and it gives the scence of sweet cinnamon .It had meaty texture also Which are best graded Matsutake Mushrooms ? The mushrooms having even plumpness to the stem and measures about 6 inches  are graded best. Why Matsutake Mushrooms are expensive ?? 1.     Matsutake Mushrooms are hand picked from under the pine trees. 2.     Matsutake Mushrooms are difficult to cu

Foie Gras | uncommon food of the world

  Foie Gras | Uncommon food of the world What is Foie Gras? It is a appetiser and is basically fatty liver of duck which is eaten by people.It costs approximately $90 per pound. How Foie Gras is prepared ? The bird is kept in narrow cages and forced fed with thick corn porridge mixed with duck fat three times a day. As   a   result  of  this   type  of feeding    the   liver   of   birds swell   to   upto  10 times their normal     weight.    The   fatty diseased       liver       is     sold worldwide as a delucacy. Why Foie Gras so expensive ? 1.     Ducks are expensive as compared to chicken. 2.   The ducks got matured in more than 3 times the period than chicken. 3.     Cost of labour for the preparation and feeding of ducks is also high. 4.     It needs expertise to prepare ducks for foie gras. 5.  Because of this type of force feeding many ducks got died,which also increase the cost of foie gras. 6.  European union only itself produces 90% of worlds foie gras.